Who the hell is Bucky?

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"Well. I’ve been told by other cast members that I’m a lot like her. Maybe when I first joined the show. I was only 13, I was one of those girls that read OK! 12 times a week, and I was all “Ooh, Justin Bieber” — who is the Joffrey Baratheon of our time."

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"There is a power in living wood … a power strong as fire." 

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The truth is, you couldn’t kill me.

Lagertha | Vikings, 2.08 Boneless

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True Grit [2010] directed by Joel & Ethan Coen

You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God.

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“once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.”

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Natasha Romanoff or Clint Barton

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He is my son, my first son.

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